Best Wedding Candid Photographers in Varanasi

Wedding Candid Photographer in Varanasi

Best Wedding Candid Photographers in Varanasi

Some professional photographers develop candid photography into an art form.
Henri Cartier-Bresson might be considered the master of the art of candid photography,
capturing the “decisive moment” in everyday life over a span of several decades.
Arthur Fellig, better known as Weegee, was one of the great photographers to document life in the streets of New York
to often capture life — and death — at their rawest edges.

Almost all successful photographers in the field of candid photography master the art of making people relax
and feel at ease around the camera, they master the art of blending in at parties,
of finding acceptance despite an obvious intrusive element – the camera. How subjects react to photographer’s
presence with the camera depends on how knowledgeable the artist is on the craft,
the approach and the execution of the shot. This is certainly true for most celebrity photographers,
such as René Burri, or Raeburn Flerlage.

It could be argued that candid photography is the purest form of photojournalism.
There is a fine line between photojournalism and candid photography,
a line that was blurred by photographers such as Bresson and Weegee.
Photojournalism often sets out to tell a story in images,
whereas candid photography simply captures people living an event.

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